I let the holidays take over.
simplfy and get rid of the clutter in 2006!

A lazy week after the holidays

It was a good holiday, but it has been nice this week to just be a little lazy and recover. I have a toy explosion all over the house and have been catching up on laundry and finding places for all the new things. It's definitely time to go through and get rid of stuff.

I have been sorting pictures.. I bought some new storage boxes for my photos and am in the process of transfering things and sorting. It's amazing how I many hidden areas of pictures I haven't sorted I am finding..lol. It's also amzing how many pictures we have. One of my biggest goals for 2006 is to get these pictures into books and to focus on my scrapbooking more than I ever have. I worked on this digital page today after I downloaded Virtual Photographer to use with my Photoshop Elements.. this is going to be fun I can tell already...

Hanasnowangelinpinkwebcopy_1 I have to admit that I also have been sad today. My dad had an interview for a job and it went well - they told him that they are going to make an offer this next week. The part that makes me sad is that the job is in NY state. Very far away. It will be a big change for our whole family and it just has me choked up. I am excited and sad at the same time. The job sounds like something he will like and it's in the very beautiful Adirondack mountains, but I will miss my parents so much if he takes the job. They are a huge part of my life. I know they will still be even if they go, but it's nice to have them so near us.