baby it's COLD outside
A lazy week after the holidays

I let the holidays take over.

I did completely what I said I was not going to do. I let myself become overwhelmed by getting ready for the holidays. I think I have ideas to do too much and then I can't get it all done. It doesn't help that I procrastinate. That is going to be one of my thing for the new year. Get better at doing things ahead of time and pacing myself.

I feel good now though.. This week I have trying to destress myself... and get ready for the weekend. My only worry is about Tacy - she has quite a cold right now and I hope she gets better by the weeks end and not worse.

My Christmas journal is coming along. I have been doing my journaling and any picture taking I need to, but letting myself let go of the page making for now unless I can do it without feeling stressed about it. I have a sense of accomplishment though. The words I have put down on paper leave me with a good sense that I have created a record of this holiday - it feels good. I am excited about completing this little project after we are back from visiting Chad's parents for Christmas.

One big project I have completed is making calendars for family.. I have the calendar of my girls posted in an album. I also did one of my nephews and then a combination for Chad's parents. Tonight I printed them all out and will go get them bound tomorrow. They turned out very cool.