take small steps
an incredible weekend

happy February!

ah yes, I did a fabulous job at keeping my blog up to date last month - NOT! It's not like I am not on the computer - far from it. I am on here everyday working, emailing my friends, perusing galleries and message boards I belong to... Yes, I will post to my blog today... ummm okay tomorrow...LOL!

Last month FLEW by - I cannot believe we are into February already.

Teamtacy2006 Our family's biggest event last month was the UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) Stuck in Motion Bike-a-thon on January 29th. Last year Chad and I rode with a team from Tacy's therapy and this year we had Team Tacy (in honor of our sweet Tacy) made up of family and friends all riding two raise money for this great organization that our family has benefited directly from. How fun and cool is that? The event raised over $26,000 which was a significant increase over what they raised last year. Our team won second overall for miles pedaled (97.89), 2 of our team riders medaled for miles, and we won the TEAM SPIRIT award for looking like we were having the most fun - it was real too, we had a GREAT time doing this race! My little Hana keeps asking when are we going to the bike race again... we will definitely will do this again next year. Awesome.