new stamps!
the week before kindergarten starts

back to the cabin!

Tomorrow afternoon we are heading up to Grand Marais, MN for the weekend - we have a family reunion and it's also my birthday on Saturday and there's no where I would rather be than in this beautiful little town. Chad is dropping the girls and I off at the cabin on his way back home. I am ready to relax and play for another week before school things start up for Tacy. She finished her last day at the preschool today and so we are officially moving on into the elementary years.

Last night we met my parents and brother for my dad's birthday :) Here's the card I made for him...


it is a reverse pocket card - this fold technique was introduced to me by my stamping friend Michelle Wooderson. There is a flap of cardstock folded back to the inside of the card that forms a pocket perfect for a gift card.

I am going to share more about my technique book, but I am going to have it go right along with my stamp club meetings. So once a month you can all be honorary stamp club members. Going into full details on what is exactly in my book would take forever and a day for me to write out and for you to read. When you start big projects like this I say start small, don't take on too much at once. Our next meeting is August 31 ;) I can also do extras now and again as well. So my last post gave you the basics: what kind of book I use and the size of my pages and the size of the samples I have inside.

Have a good weekend and next week!