back to the cabin!
back into the school year

the week before kindergarten starts

That's what week we are officially on. Tacy will start kindergarten next Tuesday - although the first day we as parents go with for a shorter version of the day and she will go by herself on Wednesday. Tonight is the school open house and so I have been getting all the paperwork filled out and ready to go that I need to bring.

We had a great week again up at the cabin - I seriously could live there. We came back to a little bit of home until Thursday when Tacy had surgery to get her tonsils and adnoids out. She has been having some sleeping issues this last year and we hope this will help. Although when she came out of surgery she was snoring away as they wheeled her in the room - I made the comment, "well, that didn't work..." jokingly of course as I know she was swollen up yet. Today has been her first acting like normal day for her. She is finally eating more and playing more and that makes me very happy.

To keep myself sane this past weekend I did some stamping for swaps due this week and played around a little too. My dining room table is covered and I suppose it's time to move the show back downstairs again. I seriously got so much done though!

Jollyholidayswaps2006 Shistahsantaswap2006

Here are my santa cards I whipped up... All the watercoloring is done with the watercolor crayons. I used my aquapainters and took the color directly from the crayon - if I scribble the color onto a palette and take the color from that I just don't get the color saturation I want and when I color right on the image and then blend with a brush I still end up with some lines I can see from when I scribbled it onto the paper. My lightbulb (duh) moment for me was at the Duluth mini convention - take the color from the flat top of the crayon with your brush, that way you wont affect the point of your crayon! Works like a charm and I am loving it! I am *almost* loving this more than painting with the reinkers or ink in the stamp pad lid itself. Bringing my box of watercolor crayons with me is so much easier than selecting 10 inkpads or more that I might use.

I am off to play - I few more glittery santas waiting for me at the table :)