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halloween treats

happy fall


There's nothing better than lounging in a leave pile! We went down to my parents on Sunday to celebrate my mom's birthday and the girls did a little leaf hopping while we were there.

Here's the card I did for my mom - It's the cracked glass technique I did with my stamp club a couple weeks ago with a new take on the layout and color combination. The paper is from Crate (which, by the way has a great Christmas line coming out - I am going to need some!)


I attached the ribbon and sewed the buttons right onto the card with the linen thread.

We are having our first snow of the season today - it's not going to stick since the ground is too warm yet. Next week we are supposed to be back in the 60's again. One week unusually cold and the next unusually warm. I feel like our weather has been in this weird pattern for a long time now. Or maybe it's been this way and I just haven't noticed before?