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live your bliss...


Definitely a good mantra to have in your life. And of course, one of my blisses (is that a word?) is my stamping! I say if you love it, then do it. No matter what - do it! Make the time! Your life will be so much happier.

An online group that I am a part of has started doing, what we call, virtual stamp weekends - I referenced this in my previous post. People in our group are scattered across the country (and Canada!) We would love to all be in the same room to stamp together all the time if we could, but that isn't a reality all the time - we have been able to have group gatherings several times, which rank high as some of my favorite times ever - and so we do it virtually. One of us is the hostess and comes up with challenges like card layouts, color combinations, techniques to try, products to use and then those of us that can stamp the weekend away using the challenges. I love seeing everyones take on what is presented - even when I can't partake in the fun. I find myself stamping more because of this.

So this weekend I am the hostess! The card posted is a combination of some of my challenges: Stamp a sentiment/main image with alphabets, use office supplies in your designs, stamp with acrylic paint, and the layout is one of three I presented. I am loving how this card turned out! It was one of those I saw it in my head and it translated to paper really nicely. The embellishment is a mini version of the clip bookmarks I made here. I used a bigger sized paper clip and the smallest cuttlebug flower that comes in that set - very fun!