pearl ex

7 things about me

I have been tagged by several different people - again!

Here are 7 things about me...

1. If I could I would live here. I don't like living in a big city like I do. I would rather be up in northern Minnesota with all the pine trees and lakes. At the very least I would like to live out of town a little ways. I went to college in Bemidji, MN and if we hadn't had to leave because of Chad's work I would have loved to have stayed up there too.

2. I love cinnamon! I love the smell, the taste, everything.

3. I don't like to cook if I don't have to. I make simple things, things that don't take up a lot of my time to prepare. I have better things to do!  Chad likes to cook, I like that.

4. I was a Girl Scout for 20+ years before I had my girls. I worked at a GS summer camp for 5 summers before I got married and while I was in college I was the leader of a troop that I started with when they were in 3rd grade and took them all the way through graduation. Tacy is old enough for Brownies this year and so I will start up again in the fall!

5. I live in a little, tiny house. Literally, our house is about 700 square feet with an unfinished basement. And while it would be nice to have more room someday, I don't mind it at all.

6. I don't pronounce the word ambulance correctly. It's one of those words I just can't say! My version comes out, "am-blee-ance" This drives Chad crazy. He has tried forever to get me to say it right, I can't.

7. I lettered in choir in high school. Yep - I was all conference and all that - like a star athlete, except it didn't involve running. And hey, I lettered in academics too.

So there you go! Consider yourselves tagged!