my studio area

easter eggs

We colored Easter eggs today. I picked up this cool glitter egg kit, so we thought we would try them out. Well, to make a long story short... the color didn't work, it was extremely sticky, and I ended up dumping the whole thing and bringing out the regular egg dye kit.

When I am doing these kind of activities at home, Tacy doesn't sit at the table and participate like Hana does. She circles the area and checks everything out - maybe comes closer, maybe not. After I set everything up I took her on my lap and we dropped an egg in one of the cups. When I pulled it out with the spoon and she saw the color change she just grinned. She totally got the whole, there is an egg in the cup and we use the spoon to lift it out, idea. After that she stayed close and really looked at what was going on, even lifting eggs with the spoon on her own a few times.


For Hana, she was so excited that it was finally time to color eggs. We have been talking about doing this for several days now. Not to mention how long she has been asking about when Easter was going to come and if it is summer and can we go swimming today in her little pool (Brrrr, no, Hana it is very cold out today - and it's not summer yet!) I think she thought about egg coloring from the minute she went to bed last night to the minute she woke up. She woke up saying, "Is it time to color eggs now?"

Yes, Hana, it is definitely time.