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Were you expecting fans and flowers?

In my blog reading in the past year (or so) I have really been inspired by this Japanese style of sewing and crafting. Check out this site/store, Kitty-Craft, to see what I am talking about. I love the fabrics and trims and books they have. I ordered this issue of the magazine of Cotton Time and just can't get enough, even though I can't read a word since everything is written in Japanese - the magazine even opens on the left side! I just love the simple, whimsical, sweet designs. The only thing I wish, is that it wasn't so expensive to order. I just have to get by with being inspired online, for now.

This set (You're Neat) really reminds me of the Japanese style that I am loving. The card layout is inspired by my friend Michelle and the dots are stamped with a pencil eraser.

I was tagged by a couple of my friends and will post my list in the next few days of some of my favorite blogs...

See you then!