happy april!
easter eggs

my studio area

One of my favorite things is seeing other people's studio and workspaces. Right now I live in a very small house and so my space is a corner of my basement. Someday I will have a proper room/space to create in, but for now this works for me. It sometimes gets a little cold and I sometimes feel cluttered in considering we store all of our extra things there, but I still love it because it is my space.


I have been collecting containers to store my supplies in that make me happy to have around. Before this past weekend, my buttons were in a plain plastic container. I picked up these glass containers at IKEA for their new home.


I store most of my ribbon in these glass jars from Target. I got the wire basket from Junk Market last fall.  I am really into wire baskets, I love the look of them and so have been picking them up here and there in the past year. I used to have a great wire basket inbox that got lost one of my summers working at camp. I still am sad that I don't have it anymore.


This is how I store my paper, in magazine holders. I have tried several ways and this is what works best for me.


Some of my embellishments... I am really into the flat crochet lace lately. Most of the lace was from my years working at a fabric store. I think I paid most of my paycheck back to the store when I worked there! My favorite thing was clearancing product and scoring great finds because of it...


My accessory storage shelf... I wish everything fit on this shelf... I need more shelves...


A pile of pretty fabric from my latest shopping trips.


Here's where I sew - on my cards, on fabric...alterations, mending... It's a pretty basic machine I got from my parents the first year I was in college. This thing has sewn miles of fabric and paper!

That's just a small glimpse...for now...