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pearl ex


It has been forever since I worked with pearl ex, but I broke it out for last week's stamp club meeting. We did the poppin' pearls technique: Stamp your image in Versamark ink, use a brush to apply the pearl ex, and wipe the excess powder away with a Swiffer cloth. For the background I covered the whole piece of paper with Versamark ink, added the pearl ex, and then stamped the images in Versamark ink again - this pulls the pearl ex off the paper. After you are finished you need to spray everything with an acrylic sealer - I love the Krylon brand, tried others and I just don't get the same staying power.

As far as the blog list I promised a few days ago.... check out the cool people links on my right sidebar! These are some of my favorite sites that I regularly visit (among many others...) One of my favorite things to do on a night of blog surfing is to check out people's favorites and then those people's favorites and so on. I have found some of my most favorite blogs this way. I also love that even though the internet is SO huge, it really is a small world. Many of the blogs that I love circle around and link back and thus we are all so connected. So very cool.

Happy blog hopping!