easter eggs
faux ribbon


Today Tacy had a fieldtrip to the local nature center, the focus of the trip being "signs of spring"- HA! We got several inches of snow this morning! Traffic was terrible among some other delays that made us in a hurry to drop off Chad at work and get to the school to catch the bus for the trip. It was so stressful.

It was so worth it.


The woods were so peaceful and so beautiful.

It makes me remember why I love snow and winter, even though it feels like it has been here for so long. And it helps remind me that we have this pretty little place right in the middle of our busy city.

My friend Michelle Wooderson (I talk about her a lot, I know, but she is SO talented and I love her.) posted some inspiration on her blog that I just ate right up. Her inspiration station - I need to DO this! And her sketches... they are so organized. I have sketches all over the place - in my night stand, here and there all over my stamp space, stuffed into cubbies at my computer desk... - that need to be gathered up and put in one place.

I do have one thing I have been fairly organized with lately and that is my inspiration book. It's just a plain spiral bound sketchbook that I have been printing out photos I have saved from blogs and websites I visit. At first I was just going to print them out from my regular printer - that was the night it stopped printing. I went ahead and printed them with my photo printer instead. I really like having beautiful prints of beautiful things and so I have kept printing my inspiration pictures this way. It might cost a little more, but I am a firm believer in doing the best quality that you can afford. You need good tools and supplies to have success in what you do and that should count for inspiration as well.


The photos on this page are book kits by Kelly McCaleb. She sells them in her Etsy shop (you can link to that from her blog) and they are usually sold out before you can even think about clicking the purchase button. I love her colors and combinations of materials.


This page has a vintage kit put together by Becky Novacek and a brainstorming list of things I am loving right now.


These photos are of the April (sold out) scrapbook kit by Jenni Bowlin. I love the felt birdies!


In other news... there was a small clip in Monday's paper about my trip down to the capitol for Disability Day. This was when I shared Tacy's movie with legislators. I was also called up by the newspaper yesterday to talk about the upcoming voting about some bills regarding special education funding and how it might affect my daughters services in the future. I will watch for that article and share it here when it comes out. Right now we know that our district is losing 17-18 special education teachers.