it's a process
Thank you so much...

a new door for Tacy


On Monday, Tacy got a formal diagnosis of autism.

We had gone to have some testing done to see where Tacy is cognitively. That testing came out with no surprises. She functions overall at an 18 month age level, we have seen this number before.

I had asked the doctor about testing for autism because Tacy has behaviors that are in line with the things that I know about the disorder. I didn't know the areas that are considered when making a diagnosis. I didn't know that what I would hear back when we got the diagnosis were things about Tacy that I already know, the behaviors and things about Tacy that I have made explanations for myself and how I have explained things to others. This all fell into place for me, this all has a name - it is autism. Tacy is considered severly autistic.

Why haven't we gone down the road before to have testing done? It just hadn't happened yet. Tacy's disabilities are global and so we have focused on so many areas. Getting into kindergarten we have been really working on communication, which led to cognitive questions, to testing, and here we are.

Getting a diagnosis is like a whole new door is opening to a whole new area, a whole new world. I have reading lists, referrals, and recommendations. I am overwhelmed.

On Monday night, the day of the diagnosis, I went through a training to become a Pilot Parent through Arc - I will be a support for a special needs parent going through the newness of being diagnosed. And here I am, probably needing that same support right now.

My Tacy is still her sweet self as normal. After she got home from school today I had her outside with me while I did some things around the yard. I put a rosebush in a bucket of water to soak and she sat and watched the bubbles in the water. Every so often she looked up at me with a big grin. She is so happy and I just love her. I really couldn't ever imagine her any other way.

Overall, I just need to absorb everything yet. We will move ahead. There will be many changes in our everyday life as we talk to new specialists and start new programs.

I am thinking of my word, opportunity. I am at the beginning of a big one.