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Two weeks ago, today, I got a phone call from my Mom to tell my me that my Dad was going into the hospital for an emergency angiogram where they would then determine if the could do angioplasty or if my Dad would have to have bypass surgery. Talk about freezing time that day. The minutes ticked by so slowly...

He ended up lucky - 5 stents later he is feeling good and recovering well. I sat at dinner with my parents the next night and couldn't help but think about how that dinner would have easily been replaced by being in the hospital while my Dad recovered from bypass surgery or worse yet, if they hadn't caught the blockages in time and we had lost him.

It was definitely a reality check for all of us. It makes you realize how short time really is. My big opportunity for myself is that I need to get into my doctor and let them know my history and what my Dad just went through. Heart disease is nothing to mess around with.

Dad, we are so lucky to have you here.

I think we all lost that week and so last week was playing catch up and it was birthday week at our house. Hana turned four on April 30 (we had a family party that night) and we celebrated Chad's birthday last Thursday.


I spent a good part of the weekend hitting garage sales in town with my friend Brianna. We are on the lookout for great vintage stuff to add to our decor and also for a sale we hope to do sometime soon in the future.

Brianna picked up these great wooden type letters for me. I went to school for graphic design and printmaking and did some of my internship work on a letterpress. I love any sort of type and would love to have my own letterpress one day - or at least work for someone who has one...


We caught another sale where Brianna found a great cast iron stove that she is going to turn into a table. I found these:


$5 each! Collecting old cameras is something I have always wanted to do. Another thing I have always admired at antique stores or vintages sales are the old metal fans...


Well, hello, little fan.. you can come home with me for another $5... and yes, like the tag says, it still works! Very fun!

One last fun find...


A vintage berry picking basket! I think I might use this in my stamp corner to store embellishments in. The little baskets will be re-purposed for our sale...

In the meantime I just finished up samples for the next set being released by Papertrey Ink on May 15th. Once again you will not be disappointed! I did a scrapbook page for our Tacy - we call her our "bug" and this set works perfectly! Stop by here after the release, I photographed my process in making the my cards and scrapbook page and will share with all of you.

Have a great day and don't forget to embrace your life and your loved ones!