Thank you so much...
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hi summer!

Tacy had her last day of the school year today... I put together some gifts to send for her teachers and paras:


These are the big wooden clothespins - I found mine at my local craft store (Crafts Direct if anyone is in St Cloud, MN...) I painted the clothespins white, mod-podged the decorative papers on, sanded down the edges, and then did another coat of mod-podge over the top to seal it.

On the picture of Tacy that I put in the clip, I typed a favorite sentiment of mine:

100 years from now... it will not matter what your bank account was, what sort of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove... but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a CHILD.

It's so true, isn't it?

Here's a small sneak peek of something else I have been working on...


I will share more later... it's going to be so fun!