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recycled book album

I promised a peek of what my completed recycled book album looks like:


One of the things about an album like this is that you have to let go and create. If you have ever put together an altered art journal or book - this is the idea to have in your head. There is no right or wrong way for your pages to go together!

The first thing that I did was take my book completely apart. Untie the binding ribbons and spread your pages out all over the table so you can see everything. I decided to make my album about my girls and their relationship as sisters. I printed out pictures of them together and apart to scatter through the book. And then, for my journaling I visited 2peas' pea soup, entered sisters for my search, and browsed for some poems, quotes, etc. to use in my book. I actually do this a lot for my scrapbooking. Journaling, to me, is my weak point and I find I can get feelings across with poems, quotes, and sayings that I can find.

I added pictures to my pages first, then the snippets of sister sayings and then went back and added the trims. Work quickly and just get things down on your pages.







I love the look of the book and how it turned out. I love all the bits and pieces that are all over. I love it because it's a book for my girls.

We are opening our etsy shop this week, so come on over to visit. Brianna and I have had so much fun putting all of it together - see you soon!