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Ink & Nickel Halloween


Brianna and I have been busy getting things ready for Halloween tricks and treats! We filled the shop with festively spooky garlands and have more fun treats to add very soon...




Check back soon for more Halloween fun!

On another note - I watched the Oprah show today that focused on autism. Very informative and touching to hear the personal stories of Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete. I think this is the first show that I have watched since Tacy's diagnosis - actually one of the first television programs that I have ever sat down to watch on the subject. I connected with so many things that were said. We are at the beginning of our journey of living with an autism diagnosis, but Tacy is still the child she has always been - I really connected with that sentiment shared on the show and have always strongly felt that way about all of Tacy's disabilities. Tacy is the child that she was meant to be, if she were any different, she wouldn't be my Tacy. And I think, in fact I know, that anyone who knows her would feel the same.