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grand marais

junk market organization


This is a wire dishrack that I picked up at Junk Market a couple of weeks ago - it works perfectly for storing my acrylic stamps and the silverware basket is perfect for holding the blocks! I am constantly on the lookout for things like this to incorporate into my stamp area - both for storage and also to use with my projects. I couldn't pass up this great printer block...


It has a purchase order for a print job on it - how cool! I am going to give it a whirl printing it at home, but if it doesn't work I am going to take it to a local printer who has printed some things for me before. Better than that I wish I could get my hands on my very own letterpress someday.... ahhhh a girl can dream.

We are heading up to Grand Marais for the weekend - my most favorite place in the world to go! I am looking forward to sitting on the shore of Lake Superior and watching the leaves - there should be great color this weekend...

See you next week!