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declutter & simplify

I am on a mission to get in the habit or getting rid of what I don't need and trying to simplify - aren't we all? It definitely isn't something you can do for a day or an hour... it is a life change, a habit, a mind set that you have to acquire. I feel like some days, I do great! And others, well... it all falls apart.

This past week, my family came down with an ucky virus cold bug that kept us home the first part of the week. In between movies, naps, and juice I got the time to sit and declutter the sewing part of my craft space. I have been into sewing ever since I can remember, I just haven't done it as much as I would like to latey... I think I sew more on my cards and scrapbook pages than on actual fabric!

I didn't take before pictures... I thought of that after I was done. Imagine stuffed shelves.. and piles... LOTS of piles... it was a virtual tetris of sewing supplies... But now...


My goal was to unstuff those shelves that were so FULL. Full of so many things that I don't need anymore and things I will never use. I let the extra stuff go and it felt good. My space can breathe again and I don't feel like I have to dig for things like I used to. I feel like I can sit down and work on a project without moving a bunch of stuff to get to the space.


See the one cup of tools? That used to be 5 cups of tools... or 6... maybe more.


This sewing box was usually stuffed so full, couldn't close it. Now I could close it if I wanted to, but I leave it open so I can get to what's inside easily.

I even had time to coordinate a few fabrics for a project (that I will share later...)


My thread is ready to go... usually spools are here there and everywhere...


One of the big inspirations for cleaning up my space was reading this book:


Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol - you can find her blog here. If you love to sew or want to learn, it's a book to check out. I can see myself referencing this book all the time. And it got me motivated to get my stuff in order - so even just that makes it worth it...

Now onto the rest of my crafting space... and the rest of my house.