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papertrey release and blog action day

Two big topics to cover in one post!

So today is blog action day - talking about the environment and working on ways to improve it. We are big recyclers at our house and I pride myself on the fact that most weeks the recycling pile is way bigger that the trash pile we leave out of Fridays for pickup.

When Brianna and I started on our Ink & Nickel venture it has been all about taking things we found at garage sales, thrift stores, or even just things people have donated to us and creating something new out of it - recycling it, reuseing it, and/or redecorating it. It has amazed me at what we have found that I thought we would never come across. There are so many crafting supplies I have not needed to buy, because of the things we have discovered - although don't get me wrong, I do love new craft supplies too. But, I think with all of this it has opened our minds to using what we have or heading to the thrift store to see what's available that could work for our next projects.


Someone asked a while ago in a blog comment about where we get our wooden clothespins from. When we first started out, I thought they might be so hard to find - especially since I knew I would have so mnay uses for them. We find them all the time! And it always seems like when we might be running low, one of us comes across another bag of them - at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. You just have to keep you eyes (and mind) open.

I challenge you with your next project, to use things you already have, or things you recieved secondhand. Recycle something you don't use anymore into something new. Find an old scrabble game and make magnet sets of your family members names for gifts. Use vintage buttons and lace on your next paper craft project. Organize a supply exchange with your crafting friends - donate what you and your friends don't want to local schools or clubs for their art projects. You will save money and the environment at the same time!

At our craft sale last Friday, so many people went through our booth and would comment, "wow, this ia all recycled stuff - so cool." This is exactly our mantra and so it felt great to have people see it without having to say anything to them about it. I added photos from our last sale to the Ink & Nickel album. You can click here to see it.

We have another sale coming up soon - I will post that announcement tomorrow!

Now onto the Papertrey release!

I fell in love with the Piece of Cake set right away. My mom's birthday was earlier in the month and so she got a little sneak peek with her card we gave her...


I added the glitter right over the wet pigment ink for a little sparkle. You should know that the glitter will be more permanent and better coverage by attaching it with glue or heat & stick, but this method works for keeping the glitter subtle. This piece of cake pops together so quick - I love it. In just a few minutes I put together several pieces. October is a big birthday month in our family so this set couldn't have had more perfect timing!

The next project I did was with the wedding cake in the set...


And yes, that is my wedding picture - our 10th anniversary is next month. Unfortunately this picture that I used on the page is the best picture that we have from our photographer that day. This is one thing that if I had to go back and do over - I would do it and I would spend the money to make sure I got the best pictures that I could get. We have many candid shots from friends and family and so that helps, but I can't go back and get the formal shots I wanted to have. This is the first scrapbook page that I have done from our wedding and I do plan to try and put together something from the pictures we do have.

Next - the Snowflake Serenade...


A simple card idea in a brown color scheme. Very earthy and krafty. This smallest snowflake from the set is my favorite for sure.

And finally....


Another simple layout design. Again, I added glitter to the wet pigment ink. The naturals white paper is popped up on dimensionals to make a window for the "peace" sentiment.

Head over to Papertrey Ink to pick up these 2 new sets and make sure to check out the galleries while you are there - all of the design team projects this month are gorgeous!

See you tomorrow!