holiday tags and Santa
christmas journal - take 3

shadow snowflakes


This is another card from my stamp club last week. Look at the snowflakes on the red paper - they are rolled first in the same color ink as the paper and then again on white over the top just offset slightly from the first image. It creates a 3-D effect.

If you are a SU demonstrator - you might recognize this technique and ala carte layout from the November newsletter. I use layout ideas and technique ideas all the time from these newsletters and also from other publications and magazines! Don't feel like you have to reinvent the wheel all the time when designing and stamping cards - my BFF Michelle Wooderson talks about adapting scrapbook layouts and ideas from magazines to layouts for your cards on her blog here. Having layout ideas and sketches at the ready gives you more time to play with your images and techniques!

One of my goals to get more organized with my stamping and designing is to get all of my sketches and ideas in one place. I am the type of idea sketcher that has pieces of paper here there and everywhere. I also have lots of pamphets and tags that I have collected that inspire me. I need to get a binder and file them all in there - someday!

I had a couple people ask about my tags for my family drawing - yes, family members then use the tags they draw on the gifts.

The gift shop that we visited Santa at is called The Woods and it's located in Maple Grove, MN. Their open house was the weekend before Thanksgiving and that is the only time that Santa and the reindeer are there before Christmas. Here is a link to their events - looks like we might have to stop by before Easter too!

And, yes, Debbie Olson - you are definitely one of my BFF's too!