Team Tacy 2008
papertrey part 2

papertrey heart tins

I am going to spread out my projects for this latest release today and tomorrow - there's just too much to share!

Nichole already shared my heart tins project with you on her blog. These are the cutest tins that have been done exclusively for Papertrey Ink - how fun is that?


When I sat down to do my designs for the tins, I actually had a bit of a creative block. Maybe some of you can identify with this - I was so excited about these tins that I couldn't figure out exactly what I was going to do with them. I think it was too many ideas swirling around in my head. So I sat down and started writing out and sketching ideas for this project. I do this quite a bit - it organizes my ideas and sometimes getting them onto paper lets me see what's working and what's not. You don't have to be an artist to work on your ideas - you don't even have to draw if you don't want to. Just get what's in your head out on to the paper.

I grab a handful of paper from my computer printer, a black gelly roll pen (my favorite), some magazines or books for inspiration, and get comfortable. I thought I would share my sketch page with you. Maybe it will give you some ideas for the tins or get you inspired to start some sketching on your own.


I got my basic ideas down and that got me going with a good sense of what direction of where I was going with my project. You can see I even starred the little sketch of adding the handle to the tin. My finished project definitely looks different that my sketch and that's okay - this is just my starting point/my rough draft.

My Valentine "shop" came into play when I designed these projects - I had my pink glitter, punches, ribbon, and brads right at my fingertips. So efficient - I love it! I pulled out the Borders and Corners {heart} set and used sentiments from the new Mixed Messages and Out on a Limb sets.


I used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes and set the eyelets on the tins. The eyelets I used are from the sewing notions section of the fabric store. The handle looks cute over the top of the project, but I also thought this would be a fun idea too...


Can't you see a whole little tree of Valentine heart tins? Too cute!

When I started stamping, punching, and glittering hearts I found I had plenty to do up some coordinating cards...


And, finally, the big heart tin...


I wanted to show you what I did on the inside of the tin...


I punched and cut out hearts of the exact same size to make a backing and cover up all the adhesive that would show otherwise. Simple, but it really finished off the project with a polished look.

Come back tomorrow so I can share the details about the rest of projects from this release with you!

Finally: a note of thanks to everyone who has donated to Team Tacy. As of when I wrote this post, our team is the top fundraiser! Yay! You can see how we measure up against the other teams here. Thanks you so much!