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My ribbon rack is actually an over the door pantry shelf that I picked up at Walmart. I cut matboard for the bottom of the shelves so that the ribbon wouldn't fall through. The ribbon I have that is not spooled I have organized by color in jars in a wire basket below the ribbon rack. It's all together in one place which I think is the key thing - put all your like stuff together. You will be able to find it and use it easily in your projects!



Here's another corner or my space. I do my cutting and binding in this area and the shelf holds all of my tools and accessories/embellishments.

The pillows you saw in the last post are an Ink & Nickel project. We have our first craft sale of the year next Thursday at the Lemonade Art Fair here in St. Cloud, MN. My house is a pile of projects to finish up for next week...

The Christmas advent tag calendar you can see in the ribbon photo of the previous post was a project I did for the Dirty Dozen gallery way back when. You can view it and the details here if you are a Fan Club member at SCS. I bring it out every holiday season, but it hang it in my craft space the rest of the year so it doesn't become smooshed in a box.

I pick up my empty CD cases where ever I am running errands when they are on my list of things to get. Find the blank CD's at Target or Walmart or where ever and the CD cases would be right there too. If you order stamp sets from Papertrey Ink, you will get the CD case for storing your stamps right with your order.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that you should click on the pictures to see anything bigger/clearer. I have noticed a big photo quality issue with the new Typepad updates. I am disappointed with how pixely the pictures are looking on my blog!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!