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MN state fair


Check out all the people! Are all state fairs this full of people? We went yesterday (Saturday) and the weather was perfect. I haven't been to the fair in probably 10 years or more, so it was fun to go back. So many things are the same, but there are so many fun new things too!


We ate lots of fair food and did lots of fair things - we watched music shows, saw the animals, went on the giant slide, rode the sky ride, and also just wandered around taking everything and all the people in. Yes, Hana's eating a lemon in the picture. I think that was one of her favorite things to eat?


Tacy liked looking at the animals - she's petting a sheep here. It was a lot of noise for her and she doesn't have too much patience when it comes to waiting in lines. Overall, she did do pretty well.


Chad's Dad (top row under the blue light) sang in a special choir performance at the fair. Choirs were chosen and invited from around the state to sing music specially composed for Minnesota's 150th birthday!


We stayed late and got to see everything lit up at night...

The state fair also means we are winding down the end of summer - wow, did that go fast... The girls both start school right after Labor Day weekend - we have our open house and meet new teachers this week!

I have some projects from the August release at Papertrey to share more details about this week...

And, I want to thank Jennifer McGuire for giving me this little blog award:


I met Jennifer at this past CHA... I have admired her work at Hero Arts and CK magazine forever so to meet her in person was wonderful!

I read SO many blogs (too many!) and so narrowing them down to just 7 will not be easy! Blogs are such a source of inspiration and a connection to so many stamping and scrapbooking friends that I have made.

I need a little time to compile a list, so check back for that!