Team Tacy 2011!
team tacy rides 2011 tomorrow!

project life - weeks 1 & 2

I am doing Project Life this year. I have been inspired by Mish from the album that she did last year and then what she has done so far this year. My friend Nicole and I decided to meet up every couple of weeks to keep our books up to date - perfect for me because if I have a deadline I get things done. I have 2 weeks complete and am loving it so far...

One thing Nicole and I did: She ordered the turquoise kit and I ordered the amber one. We went and split up the journaling and header cards so that we expanded our selection. I love that we did this.


Here is my opening page so far - I am going to add more family photos here as the year goes on - this family photo is from our Disney trip this past November.


Here is week 1. Keeping it simple is the way to go for me. I even did a majority of journaling in my own handwriting and I can't tell you how much I wanted to not do that. But, I gave in and did it and am liking how it's working and that it will be appreciated down the line too.

DSC03783 DSC03784

You can click these smaller pictures of each side of the layout to view it larger.


I added in some extras in the middle as well. This is Hana's spelling test and weekly newsletter from the week. I will add these in once in a while through the year.


On the back are some pictures that my mom took of the girls at her house on the weekend. I saved them right off facebook and printed them out in black and white.


Here's a look at week 2.

DSC03788 DSC03789

Again, you can click on the smaller pictures of each side of the layout to see them larger.


My extras this week include pictures of Tacy that the school sent of her cross country skiing in gym class...


And a few other papers from things that happened this week: a home care intake for Tacy dealing with the handicap bathroom project we are working on and a print out from the Papertrey website of my sets that came out this week for the January release.


Lastly, here's a peek of the beginnings of week 3. Nicole and I get together in a few weeks and I will share my progress again.

Here's to keeping up Project Life through 2011!