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As you all may know, I love mini scrapbooks. But my love of book making began long before I ever put together my first mini scrapbook project. I love all things about book arts including creating your own little books. Let me show you a way to make a mini book that involves doing an accordion fold that you might remember from your early school days when you first learned to make a paper fan. Adding a few pieces of cardstock and some envelopes makes it into something that is keepsake and/or gift worthy...

At the end of this post there is a download of the suppliy list and complete instructions including measurements - this project can definitely be adapted to other sizes

Let's get started!


The pieces of kraft cardstock here will make the front and back covers (4 1/2" x 6") and the spine (3" x 6".) The spine piece is scored every 1/2".


Here's where you need to recall making paper fans in your early school days - fold the spine accordion style on the score lines. You will end up with something that looks like the photo above. Like a 'W' with 2 points in the middle.


Apply adhesive - I used Scor-tape to make sure that everything stays together really good. You don't want your book falling apart on you! Put the adhesive on the 2 outside edges - think of the 'W' with 2 points, the edges that face away on the outside edges.


Attach the cover pieces to where you put the adhesive like shown above.


Attach the remaining cover piece to the other side of the spine piece. Here's what your book cover should be looking like. Cover - accordian folded spine - cover.


I am using 3 A2 envelopes for this book project. Tuck the flaps inside of each envelope to make it into a pocket.


Next put adhesive (I used Scor-tape again) along the bottom back edge of each envelope.


Now attach the envelopes to the accordian folded spine. Depending on what side of the accordian fold you attach the envelope determines how it will lay. Attach the envelopes inso that they all lay the same direction, away from the cover of the book.


Here is a picture of what the envelopes look like attached into the book. At this point you have the basic base of the book complete and now it's time to work in the scrapbooking!


Here is a a look at my completed book. The bottom half of the front cover is stamped in Fresh Snow ink with flowers from the Egg Hunt stamp set. I assembled some flowers and doily title piece to attach to a Mat Stack 4 die cut that is attached to the front cover at the top edge of the stamped flowers.


I added another flower to the inside cover of the book.


In each pocket are photos of my girls that I took on Easter last year. I printed my photos 3 1/2" x 5" and the Lavender Moon cards that the photos are on measure 4 1/2" x 5 1/2".


Each photo card has a journaling circle and sentiment on it from the Mini Scrapbook Series: Journaling Circle set. I staggered the tags on the edges of the cards - top, middle, and bottom - and each one has a button on it.


Use this basic book idea and expand it even further. Add plain pages instead of envelopes, lengthen the accordion folded spine to accommodate even more pages/envelopes, use a different size envelope or square envelope and change the size of the book to match, find another material to use for the covers or pages, etc. The possibilities go on from there!

Below is the file to download with the supply list and complete instructions.

Download Accordionenvelopebook

I would love to see your completed projects! Link them up in the comments below...