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“I was thinking about the new You Have My Heart Envelope die and how I could use it to create a fun book. You can always add envelopes to a page in a book, but how fun to use the envelopes as pages in a book? You can tuck a little something into each page of the envelope book too! I am excited to walk you through how to create your own little envelope book and share my completed book with you too. The book became a Valentine’s Day mini book for my husband using pictures from a recent trip that we took.”


First, decide how many envelope pages you want in your book. I made my book with four envelopes, but you can use as many or as few of them as you would like. The only thing you will need to change, if you use more or less, is the size of your cover spine - I will note when we get to that part in the instructions.

(I turned the hearts on the envelopes so they will sit right side up inside of the book.)

The other thing that you need is some sort of tape to connect the envelopes together. I used washi tape and that worked really well, but you could use another type of tape. Remember that it is going to show so make sure it's something you are okay seeing throughout your book. You could also cut strips of patterned paper and back that with a double sided tape or adhesive to make your own washi tape strips.


To connect the envelopes together, lay two envelopes next to each other with the bottom edges touching. One envelope will be facing flap down (on the left) and the other facing up (on the right). Put the washi tape over the seam between the envelope bottoms to connect them together. Press the tape down well to adhere it.

Connect all of the pairs of envelopes together that will be pages in your book - my book has 2 pairs.


After your pairs are connected together, then fold them up so the taped side is inside. Put the envelope bottoms together with another folded pair, like you did in the last step, and add the tape over the seam between the envelope bottoms to connect them together.


When you have all of your envelopes connected your book should look like this.


Next comes a cover. The finished size of the You Have My Heart envelopes is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". I made my cover slightly bigger than the envelopes. I cut a piece of Kraft cardstock 3 3/4" tall and 7 5/8" wide. I scored in from each side 3 5/8" which left a 3/8" spine to wrap around the envelopes.

You can adjust the size of the spine based how many envelopes you actually use in the book. The best thing to do is measure your spine once you have your envelopes together and then add about 1/8" for a little wiggle room. My spine measured 1/4" and so I made sure the spine on the cover was 3/8" wide. It's a little bit of math, but it's worth it to get your cover to fit just right!


Set the envelope book into the cover onto the spine and then add some tape to secure the book into the cover. The tape should overlap the cover and the front envelope like you see here in the photo. Repeat the tape on the back side of the last envelope in the book and the back cover.

Now that everything is assembled and put together, it's time to have fun adding and embellishing your mini envelope book!


I added a heart to the cover over a piece or ribbon that is wrapped around the book to tie it closed. The heart is die cut with the You Have My Heart dies and stamped with the lines and "happy Valentine's Day" sentiment from the You Have My Heart stamp set.


I kept the inside pages fairly simple and just added a die cut heart and arrow opposite of the envelope flap side. You can keep things simple like this, or get as fancy as you like!


Inside my pockets I added photos that I die cut with the large heart from the You Have My Heart die collection.


I added a little tag to each of my photos. The base of the tags are die cut with a die from the Traveler's Journal: Accessories die collection from Kraft cardstock. I stamped the sentiments from the You Have My Heart stamp set, added a red glitter heart, and trimmed it down with some scissors before adding them to the photos.


I have a heart to add into each of the four envelope pockets on my book. You could add photos, notes, tags, and whatever other little memento or treat you can think of in the envelopes!


It's going to be fun for my husband to go through and find the photos that I tucked into the pockets. As Valentine's Day gets closer, I will add a special note for him into the book as well.


Here's a look at the pages further into the book from the cover.


There are so many possibilities for this little book and I hope my book has been a bit on inspiration for you to create your own. Whether you use it as a gift or a place to keep memories (my little book is a bit of both!) it will be so meaningful for the recipient and to look through in years to come.

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