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Hey, everyone! I am back again today to share more one more peek of the new stitching products that are coming soon to Poshta Design! Today is all about butterflies and I have a fun trio of butterfly ornaments to share!

All of the new products that I am sharing today will be available to purchase on Saturday, March 4th at noon Eastern Time at Poshta Design.


All of the butterflies start with the Basic Butterfly die collection that includes the base, wing pieces, and butterfly body. You can use the add-on collections to create different effects on the butterfly wings. This first butterfly features the Lacewing Butterfly Details die collection. I cut out the base of the butterfly from Tundra felt and cut out the top wings with the details from Gecko felt and the bottom wings and details from Sea Spray felt. I did use a bit of glue to adhere the detail wings in place so that they wouldn't slide around when I stitched them. the bodies on all of my butterflies are cut from the new Cobblestone felt and I added beads and sequins for extra sparkle and shine on the butterfly wings.


This butterfly features the Botanical Butterfly Details die collection. The butterfly base is cut out of Taffy felt and then I cut out the top wings from Taffy felt and the bottom wings from Satin Slipper felt. I embroidered the details, adding the tiny flowers and leaves (cut out from Gecko felt) as I went. I really love the delicate details on this butterfly!


The final butterfly features the Monarch Butterfly Details die collection. The base of the butterfly is cut out from Clementine felt and I cut out the wings from Sea Spray felt. Again, I glued the wings in place so they would stay in place while stitching everything together. A few sequins and beads added extra sparkle!

On each of the butterflies, I added antennas by threading wire through the top part of the butterfly body, adding a twist to hold it in place, and adding a bead to each end. To hang the ornaments, I added a length of string, again threaded through the top part of the butterfly bodies.


I made all of my butterfly ornament double sided so that when I hang them up, they are the same front and back. These are going to be a great addition to my Easter decor!

Thank you so much for joining me for the past few days to introduce the new stitching products coming your way from Poshta Design. There are a few other designers sharing stitched Easter creations today and you can link up to them and learn more about the new products on the Poshta Design Blog. The products will be released and available to purchase tomorrow, March 4th, at noon Eastern time at Poshta Design. Thank you so much for stopping by today and I will be back again soon with more crafty inspiration to share!